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Recognizing Addiction

Be aware of Genetic/Environmental Risks.

►Member of the household prescribed opioids
►Personal history of anxiety or depression
►Family Member who is/was addicted

Recognize Warning Signs:

►Marital or relationship problems
►Social isolation, loss of friendships
►Struggles at work or school
►Borrowing, owing, selling stuff
►Stealing or drug dealing
►Increased amount of opioids needed
►Driving under the influence or accidents
►Unsuccessful attempts to control opioid use
► Mood Swings, depression, anger and irritability
►Spending lot’s of time obtaining/using opioids
►History of Alcohol or Drug Abuse
►Physical/mental discomfort after stopping
opioids: tearing, yawning, chills, nausea,
cramps, anxiety trouble sleeping, runny
or stuffy nose, sweating, muscle